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At MORJAS we are very strict with quality controls. It can be a tiny mark, a small wrinkle or whatever that doesn’t meet the “box fresh” criteria that makes the shoe in sellable condition. Our craftsmen may have spent 8 weeks manufacturing a pair of shoes and then accidentally slipped with one shoe and bam there it is: A small mark which is close to invisible to the naked eye—but still: un-sellable. Until now. MORJAS UNIVERSE is a way for us to give life to the shoes that we can’t sell under our normally (very) high box-fresh conditions. It can be brand new shoes that have a tiny mark. It can be samples that we haven’t taken into production. It can be shoes that we’ve used during photo shoots. It can be shoes that we’ve received as returns with small creases. And so on.

Universe is a way for us to honor what lies close to our hearts: To nurture and take care of what we have.

The price is based on 7 different categories:

A1: Minor wear & tear (15% discount)
A2: Medium wear & tear (20% discount)
A3: Major wear & tear (25% discount)
B: Expired colour (15% discount)
C: Expired model (15% discount)
D: Defect model, e.g. a small mark of wrong colour in the leather (15% discount)
E: Sample (15% discount)

All shoes have unique pictures. Yes, that’s true. We have photographed every single pair so that you see the exact condition of the particular item you’re browsing. The products are categorized after model to facilitate what you are looking for. Browse on the categories below.